Sunday Summary Novemmber 26, 2017 – November Wrap-up

2017 has flown by so quickly and we’re about to start the last mont of the year. I’ll get more reflective when it is officially the end of the year, but for now let’s say it’s been a year of ups and downs with writing. November started off slow, but at time of writing, I’mContinue reading “Sunday Summary Novemmber 26, 2017 – November Wrap-up”

Sunday Summary November 19

Ayeesh.┬áNovember, where did you go?! Ah man. I know the only way to get back into good habits to force myself into them, but sometimes that is hard. And the last few weeks, it’s been hard. My holiday was awesome, but I only ended up writing on one day of it. And getting my headContinue reading “Sunday Summary November 19”

Sunday Summary October 29, 2017 – October Wrap-up And November Outlook

Well, this month ended up disappearing in a puff of uni-induced smoke. The only goal I managed to keep up on was reading and reviewing. I’ve learned my lesson, though, which I can apply in future semesters: don’t try to achieve other things in the last four-to-six weeks of semester. Just reserve those for uniContinue reading “Sunday Summary October 29, 2017 – October Wrap-up And November Outlook”