2021 Goals Midpoint Check-in

This was supposed to be my quarterly check-in. I found it in my drafts folder today. Oops! I am usually a stickler for having these types of posts go up on the last day of the period they refer to or the first day of the following period, but here we are. 😂 This yearContinue reading “2021 Goals Midpoint Check-in”

Monday Musings #09 – The Year Ahead

In terms of writing goals, 2017 was full of ups and downs. Not only did I have a hell of a lot going on, but when I did have time to work on my writing goals, I often found myself suffering a lot of self-doubt,  which lead to even less progress. I know we allContinue reading “Monday Musings #09 – The Year Ahead”

Sunday Summary #03 – Nearly at month’s end…

Somehow it’s already Sunday again. I can’t even remember what I was doing last week but I didn’t end up managing a Sunday Summary post. Now we’re nearly at the end of August and I’m not quite feeling like I’m going to achieve as much as I’d hoped, but on some I’m reasonably close… HereContinue reading “Sunday Summary #03 – Nearly at month’s end…”