A More Complicated Fairytale

Most of the young women in Nardowyn swoon over Crown Prince Felipe, but Caitlin has never seen the appeal. When she catches his eye during a royal festival, she has little choice but to begrudgingly go along with his attempts to form a friendship between them, and soon learns that there is more to him than meets the eye.

When Felipe goes to war to avenge the death of his brother, Cait enlists as a nurse to be nearer to him. Here, Cait’s connection to the prince will put her in more danger than she can imagine. But Cait’s never been one to take the easy way out, so if her life is going to turn into some sort of fairy tale, with a prince and a happily ever after, it’s no surprise it will be a more complicated one.

Sitting somewhere between historical romance and fantasy (a made up kingdom, but not one with magic), A More Complicated Fairytale is the perfect book for a cozy evening in.

Note: this book was previously published under Emily Witt.

“Gorgeous… I loved the twists on traditional fairy tales.”  — C. H. Pearce

A thoroughly enjoyable read. Highly recommended.” — K. M. Allan

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