March 2023: Ups and Downs

Before I get into the update, just a quick heads up: sometime during April, this website will default back to its old home. That’s because websites are expensive and right now I have other priorities. Plus, this site gets so little traffic I don’t think it will be a big problem. will be back as soon!

March is always a bit of a funny month for me. The days are getting noticeably shorter but we’re still in daylight savings, and my body always gets confused about it. As a result, I tend to be tired and grumpy for a lot of this month.

As a result, my writing has been a bit all over the place. Last month, I noted three tasks that I could work on in March:

  • Draft 1 of Drosselmeier book three.
  • Edit the short story I finished in January.
  • Write a submission for Canberra REP’s new program, “The ‘Logues“.

I started both the editing and the Logues submission, though neither of those things are finished. To be honest, I’ve got a bit stuck on both of them.

The Logues has received a bunch of submissions (so many that they are advising they may have to make decisions about which pieces get performed), so that bodes well for it becoming an annual event. Part of me is considering making it a project for the rest of this year to draft and polish a couple of scripts and have them ready to go next year, as I think at this point, I’m freezing under the pressure of trying to have something ready in the next couple of weeks.

And the editing? That’s just good ol’ self-doubt getting in the way. I did talk it through a bit with a friend who was visiting a couple of weekends ago, and I think I know how to move forward with it. I just haven’t yet. You know how it is.

The most fun I’ve had this month is with a new WIP that I didn’t mean to start. The idea came to me when I was half asleep and I handwrote about 400 words before I went to bed. To be honest, I was surprised they were still good when I read over them the next morning.

It’s inspired by a time travel short story I wrote last year for a competition, but I’ve thrown in a romantic plot line as well. Making sure I have it all straight about what order the characters meet in (from both perspectives) is interesting, but I think I have it right. It’s very Doctor Who/River Song.

With daylight savings finishing up on Sunday, I’m hoping that will herald the return of early morning writing sessions for me. So hopefully in a month’s time, I’ll have a bit more of an update on my various projects.

Until then!


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