January 2023: Off to a good start!

Monthly updates, can I manage that? I seem to manage it on my review blog, so maybe I can manage it here as well.

Given that I was overseas until a week ago, I was generally planning for February to be when I got back into writing for the year.

But then on January 12, I had a breakthrough on a short story that I’ve had sitting around since 2020, and now I have a finished first draft!

And on January 29, I sat down and finally worked out an ending to my circus-y romantic fantasy, Facing the Music. I first started it in 2018 and worked on it fairly consistently for about two years. While the characters have stayed with me since then, determined to one day have their story told, I didn’t have an ending until now.

Definitely not a bad start to the year if I do say so myself! Looking forward to the year ahead with these projects to work on!


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She/Her. Writer. Reader. Blogger. Hufflepuff. Theatre nerd.

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