2023: Replenish

Water streaming from a stone fountain in close-up. on the black background to the left are the words Replenish 2023.

Happy 2023, everyone!

At the start of every year, I try to choose a word that will be my theme for the next twelve months. This year’s word is REPLENISH.

After the year that was, my main priority this year is to refill the creative well, as well as take more time for myself and my own goals, and allow less time for big commitments that I will struggle with down the track.

2022 started out quite well! I published Enchanted Sleep, the second book in the Drosselmeier Industries series, and I had my first short story accepted and published in an anthology. And I managed to finish the year with a short story set in the DI universe.

But in the meantime, I had to move house, and I was busy rehearsing for a show that ended up not going ahead due to COVID (what else?). I then went straight into rehearsals for another show, and spent three months struggling with the commitment, despite enjoying the music and the friendships formed through it. And once that was over, I only had three weeks break before I was off on a ten-week overseas trip!

So it worked out well that I had made the decision in late 2021 to not have any solid writing goals for 2022.

I am doing much the same in 2023. I want to finish the third Drosselmeier Industries book, and maybe write some short stories, but that’s all I’m saying in terms of goals. Once I am home from overseas, I’ll probably review my list of unfinished projects and see what takes my fancy.

I guess this post is mostly for my own benefit. I don’t know if anyone else is likely to read it. But it’s good to have something to look back on down the line.

If you are reading this, thanks! I hope you meet your goals this year!


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