#WeWriWa // #8sunday 08 – April 05, 2020

Weekend Writing Warriors

Welcome to Weekend Writing Warriors, where writers share 8-10 sentences from their WIP for from a current writing project, published or unpublished, then visit other participants and offer opinions, critiques, support.

Uh… hi. Yes. It’s been a while. This year, right? Yikes…

But on a happier note, look, I have a real website! This is my first post for emilywrayburn.com rather than lettingthevoicesout.wordpress.com. Pretty psyched to finally get that set up. 🙂

Anyway. After a long hiatus, I have found myself writing the past couple of days. I pulled out my 2019 NaNoWriMo project, which I abandoned halfway through November in a fit of disgust… Funny what a few months can do because when I read over it on Friday night, I liked what I saw. Writing, huh?

This project is as yet untitled, but it is the sequel to my novelette, Operation: Sugarplum (find out more under the “My Books” tab above). I’ve rewritten the beginning, and here we have Clara and her boss as Clara prepared to leave for the day to go help Max out at Drosselmeier Industries.

“And you’re sure you’re not leaving me for a job with your video gamer boyfriend?”

Clara rolled her eyes at her boss. “Okay, first of all, he’s not my boyfriend. Second of all, I don’t have a clue about creating video games, I only play them. And as I have already told you this is a one-off. They needed an extra hand to supervise kids at the launch party tonight.”

Lacey still looked dubious. “You say that, but you’ve been spending an awful lot of time with him.”

She has her reasons, Lacey! Sure, “he’s cute and makes me laugh” might be some of them, but there are others, too! 😉

I’ll see you here again soon! Don’t forget to visit the other Weekend Writing Warriors at the link above.


Published by Emily Wrayburn

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10 thoughts on “#WeWriWa // #8sunday 08 – April 05, 2020

  1. Glad to have you back, Emily! Amazing how the quality of your writing seems to change after a little distance, isn’t it? Keep on keeping on it.


  2. Welcome back! I like the new website. Very clean and easily navigable. 🙂

    I think she’s protesting a little too much about him not being her boyfriend.

    Yeah–writing. lol I’ve done that too. Walked away from a project and then read it much later and thought it wasn’t so bad. 🙂


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