#ROW80 Belated Goals Post and An Update

Now that WIPpet Wednesday is no more and I am sharing WIP excerpts on Sundays, I thought perhaps I might be able to find the time to rejoin ROW80 properly. ROW80 is short for A Round of Words in 80 Days, and you can read more about how it works at the ROW80 site.

Round 4 started last week, I think? And I intended to have a goals post ready and everything, but last week got busy. I talked a little in my September 01 post about how I wanted to work on shorter works for the rest of the year, because I needed some distance from my novels. That is still my plan, though what I intend to work on has changed slightly.

I mentioned in that post that I had completed Operation: Sugarplum for an Aussie Christmas anthology. Another contributor put the idea in my head to write some sequels, and I’ve got at least two in the works. I’m thinking maybe a series of five novellas might be nice? I also signed up for NaNoWriMo to write them. I’m not really aiming for 50k, unless they end up being longer than expected. I just want the community and incentive.

So! With that in mind, I’m going to set out some goals for the next six weeks or so. Bearing in mind I generally sit down to write for between half an hour and an hour every day at 6am. So that is when I’ll be doing this stuff. The dates aren’t fixed, of course, and things will probably overlap, lead into the following time. But it gives me something to work torwards!

Oct 10 – 13

Brainstorm Beauty and the Beast retelling from beginning to end.

Oct 14 – 20

– Outline the Beauty and the Beast retelling.

– Expand the outline for the Sleeping Beauty story (fill in additional scenes , add more detail)

Oct 21 – 27

– Expand the Beauty and the Beast retelling (fill in additional scenes, add more detail)

Oct 28 – 31

– make any last-minute additions, complete any of the above not already done.

– set up Scrivener file/s.

– make some graphics/aethestics.

– If all else fails, make Pinterest boards. 😂 (It has recently been brought to my attention that Pinterest has updated and improved in the years since I last used it and now I am actively resisting it again).


Nov 1 – 30

– Write, write, write!

– Stop and brainstorm again when necessary. Include it in the word count.

– Stay hydrated. Don’t stress about word counts.

– Attend one writing group or NaNo social event each week.


And after that, who knows! I’ll write something about that closer to the time. See you all soon!


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