#WIPpet Wednesday – April 10, 2019

Hello and welcome to WIPpet Wednesday, a blog hop wherein writers share an excerpt from their current WIP that somehow relates to the date.  To join in, simply click the blue linky up there to the right.

I started the month with a 15k goal on Camp NaNoWriMo. That’s 500 words a day. Quite doable. Goodo. But I’ve been writing SO MUCH. According to my stats on the Camp NaNo site, I’m averaging closer to 1k per day. I’ve had more than one day of around the 1500 mark.

Camp NaNo released a printable sticker chart for the month, and I’ve been using that and the adorable hedgehog stickers I got for my birthday last year. I noted a daily goal on this chart, and when I added up the daily goals (which were quite realistic – for example, this week, while I’m in classes, the goal was only 250 words per day), I got 22k. So I’ve upped the goal to 25k for the month. I was not expecting this! I will hit 50k on Facing the Music before the month is over, which is… 😍😂🎉 (I know I’m a writer, but sometimes a run of emojis is the only way to truly express oneself).

For the WIPpet this week, I have 10 paragraphs for the 10th of the month. Due to having to stop the train in the middle of the night, no one is quite sure whether they’ll be ready in time for the show that night. This is where Ria realises exactly what she may have signed up for.

“Excuse me, will there be a show tonight?” asked as man as we passed.

“Sorry, we’re not sure yet,” Lucy replied.

“The ads all said you’d be opening tonight.”

“There have been some delays. We didn’t arrive as early as we were supposed to. If you see the lights go on and the gates open up, then you’ll know we’ll be going ahead.”

“Yeah, but -”

“I’m sorry, that’s all I know.”

Lucy put on a burst of speed and pulled me along with her, leaving the inquisitive man behind.

“What was that about?” I asked when we reached the train and she finally slowed down.

“Sometimes in the middle of conversations like that, people suddenly remember you’re a mind magician. And when they remember that, suddenly the fact that the show’s not going ahead is entirely your fault and you’re the scum of the earth. It’s better to just avoid.”

I realised then how lucky I’d been over the past few months. Those of Anders’ patrons who knew I was a mind magician didn’t care, and I had kept it hidden from everybody else. By joining the cast of Casyl & Co., I was giving a signal as bold as the brand on my neck. And any performance I gave wasn’t as easily hidden by my hair.

I have some days off next week so I will get to your posts, but it might be last thing on Tuesday before I update the linky for the week. See you when I see you!


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