#WIPpet Wednesday – December 05, 2018

Hello and welcome to WIPpet Wednesday, a blog hop wherein writers share an excerpt from their current WIP that somehow relates to the date.  To join in, simply click the blue linky up there to the right.

Once again I disappeared for a month. I’m hoping I’ll be able to be a bit more consistent with my posting for the next little while. I have been thinking about goals for the new year with regards to blogging. I’d like to do a bit more. We’ll see how we go.

I spent most of November either doing uni work or working on an outline for a revised version of my WIP. It was called Unchanging Tunes, but once I realised I preferred the ending where the characters did in fact change their tunes, I started trying to come up with something else that was still musical but also about people changing and dealing with their problems. Facing the Music was staring me in the face but literally took me months to think of. But here we are.

was writing my final essay for my current uni course on the weekend, but I started writing on Monday. My outline isn’t complete but I have enough ideas about where I want the story to go that I think I should at least be able to get something written all the way to the end. And I can go back and make more notes as I go along. My aim is to write 25k in December but I am not beating myself up too much if that doesn’t happen. Though it is only about 1000 words a day, which I have managed twice already. I just have to keep reminding myself that this is a first draft and things don’t have to be perfect.

For my first WIPpet with the new Facing the Music WIP, 5 lines from the new Chapter 1. Rosa knows she was drugged and dragged away from home, and she knows that something has been burned into the back of her neck. She already knows what it is, really, but she’s in denial.

I came to lying on a rough mattress. Springs dug into my shoulder and the back of my leg. I tried rolling over and my head swam so I flopped back down on the pillow. As I moved my head, I felt the scar tissue on the back of my neck tug painfully. Slowly, I twisted my head to the side and ran my fingers along the marks. A red M with an eye underneath.

Mind Magician.

It had been bothering me for a while that I needed Rosa/Ria to be discriminated against for her magic, but at the same time, with it being a psychic thing, there was no obvious way for people to know she had it (unless she talked about it). Branding was a good solution to this. Nasty for the character, good for the plot.

All right, that’s it from me for now. See you all soon!


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4 thoughts on “#WIPpet Wednesday – December 05, 2018

  1. That is a NASTY place to be branded… Not that any place is really a good place for branding, but the back of the neck, ack!

    And mindmagic does seem to be the one that gets the meanest reaction from the rest of the world, doesn’t it?


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