Sunday Summary November 19

Ayeesh. November, where did you go?!

Ah man. I know the only way to get back into good habits to force myself into them, but sometimes that is hard. And the last few weeks, it’s been hard. My holiday was awesome, but I only ended up writing on one day of it. And getting my head back into the game at work took a while. As a result, in spite of all my awesome goals that I was so psyched to work towards, I’ve spent maybe a couple of hours writing in the last three weeks. I’ve also had other events that I’ve been preparing for, and that has taken up a lot of my time. Also, I’ve been playing Angry Birds 2 and escape room apps. A lot. I would say I regret nothing, but I do kind of regret that. I mean, not hugely, but part of me is like, “Seriously, self, you only have yourself to blame for that time being wasted.”

Looking on the positive side, even in just that bit of writing, I’ve made some decent progress. I have started re-outlining Memories and Magic and I’m about two-thirds of the way there. I started reading through Part 3 of the original draft so that I can remember what I was aiming for and work out how to work that into the newer version.

I also had a breakthrough with my Cinderella-inspired short story and I know where I want to go with that. In terms of the goals I set myself for this month, I am way behind, but I feel like I know where I’m going with my writing at least, which is not exactly something I’ve felt a whole lot over this past year.

The event I mentioned I was planning happened today – it was a high tea to raise money for my trek for UN Women and it went really well. I have smashed my initial fundraising target $3500 so I have now raised the bar to $5000, since I still have six months to go. I don’t think this should be too hard to achieve. Now that the high tea is done and I’m not worrying about dietary requirements and people confirming their attendance, I will have more time to devote to writing. So fingers crossed that will actually happen.

I’m going to finish this up here and actually go and get a bit more writing in. How are your goals all going?


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