Sunday Summary October 29, 2017 – October Wrap-up And November Outlook

Well, this month ended up disappearing in a puff of uni-induced smoke. The only goal I managed to keep up on was reading and reviewing. I’ve learned my lesson, though, which I can apply in future semesters: don’t try to achieve other things in the last four-to-six weeks of semester. Just reserve those for uni work. Save your mental health. So that’s good.

By the end of this coming week, I will have completed the two final papers for the semester, and then I’ll be blessedly free! And not just for the summer, but until July next year. I’m taking leave from study for the first half of next year while I prepare for my trek in Nepal in April.

When I sat down to write down my November goals the other day, there was so many things that I wanted to do, and I had to pull myself back. I want to wrok on a few different projects but even without uni work, there are still only so many hours in the day. With that in mind, this is what I plan to do:

Memories and Magic

I had an ephiphany with this story recently. When I decided that it needed restructuring, I decided to see if I could incorporate elements of both Memories and Magic and the intended sequel, Rulers and Rebellions. I got myself a bit tied up in knots and recently decided no, it does need to be two separate stories. Suddenly, the ideas starts flowing again!

  • Read over original draft and the notes for new drafts.
  • Dot-point a rough outline for the whole book (this is about 2/3 done already; I just need to read over the previous version of the final third and remember what I had originally had in mind and how I planned to tackle it)
  • Complete draft of Part 1 (approx 15k)

Operation: Sugarplum

This is the WIP that Memories and Magic grew out of. Recently I came to the conclusion they were different enough I could actually put both in my backlist.

  • Re-read old drafts
  • Brainstorm ending and any other parts that need fixing

Short Story

My goal in October was to write two short stories, which obviously didn’t happen. I just want to focus on the one I made the biggest start on.

  • Re-read what I’ve written
  • Brainstorm ending
  • Add 1000 words (maybe)

That looks like plenty to be going on with! As I said, I had to pull back and not aim for Complete a whole draft of Memories and Magic AND Write a short story AND Polish Operation: Sugarplum, because that just wasn’t going to happen. This might even be a bit much, but I’m optimistic.

What are your goals for the next month? Are you doing NaNoWriMo? Or working on other projects?

I’m going to be without wifi next weekend, so my first update will be two weeks into the  month. I’ll let you know how I’ve been going.


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