Sunday Summary #01 – Ch-ch-ch-changes

What’s this? I  hear you ask. Where have the Sunday Sessions gone? Don’t you normaly do a Sunday Summary on your other blog. Indeed, Sunday Summary was always an A Keyboard and an Open Mind series, but this week, I’ve decided on a few changes to my blogging routines. A Keyboard and an Open Mind is going to be strictly for reading-related posts. The Sunday Sessions have become the Monday Musings, and now Sunday Summary will feature here on Letting the Voices Out.

I’m also going to attempt to introduce Short Fiction Saturday in the hopes of getting myself into better habits regarding short pieces. I really want to start submitting more often, but I have nothing to submit, and I tend to overthink prompts and get caught up in my head and never write anything.

In a couple of other venues, I’ve referred to August as my new “getting my sh*t together” month and I’m hoping that’s what it will be. Here arae the goals I set for myself, with this week’s progress in red or green.

  • Spend 15 hours writing (equivalent of 1/2 hour a day – make up missed time) – only managed so far an hour this week, so I already have a bit to catch up on!

  • Read and review eight books – 2/8! I found my way out of the reading slump! Reviews are scheduled.

  • Colour 45 pages from my colouring desk calendar – 6/45 so far

  • Exercise 25/31 days – 4/6 days so far

  • Spend 10 hours/week on uni courses – only managed about 5 hours this week as I spent most of the week trying to get my enrollments sorted out. I have plans for making this work the rest of semester, though.

  • Write a meal plan each Sunday and STICK TO IT – I did write one on Tuesday, but I did it from memory, rather than checking what we had, so it had to modified a little. And sticking to it is going to require some practice.

So that’s the first week of August for me. The first week gets to be a practice run, right? 😉



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