#WIPpet Wednesday – July 12, 2017

Hello and welcome to WIPpet Wednesday, a blog hop wherein writers share an excerpt from their current WIP that somehow relates to the date.  To join in, simply click the blue linky up there to the right.

You may have noticed I have a new name! There’s more about that in last Sunday’s post. I don’t mind if you’ve already written your WIPpet Wednesday post and referred to me as Emily Witt, though if you wouldn’t mind changing it in the future, that  would be good! 🙂 (Also, obviously, no need to go back and change past posts).

Please forgive my absence last week. I had too much going on and I knew I  wouldn’t be able to participate fully, so I bowed out. I should be right this week! And forgive me for not re-setting the linky in a timely fashion this week. I had my phone in my hand when the reminder went off, and kept sort of thinking, “Yes, need to do that.” Then got inevitably sidetracked. It’s all good to go now.


I’m currently revising the first draft of Memories and Magic, so I’ll share a WIPpet from the section I’m editing at the time. This excerpt is from what is currently Chapter 7. Clara currently believes she has grown up in a country where all magic is forbidden, so the fact that Max is acting like the weird things happening to her are perfectly normal is weirding her out. I’ve got five lines because 12-7=5.

“I’ll meet you when you finish, and you can practice listening to my thoughts when you’re in a crowd. You’ll need to learn that sort of focus.”

“There you go again, sounding like an expert.”

Max brushed it off, turning and picking up some of the bags of shopping they had brought home with them.

“Do you want to help me with my gift wrapping?” he asked.

Clara nodded, though Max noticed a flash of apprehension in her eyes. It seemed he had managed to stall most of her concerns for now.

Much to my own chagrin, I haven’t really had the opportunity to work on this WIP in a couple of weeks due to other things having to take priority. Due to me only finding out about a couple of jobs at work that I feel I ought to apply for, that’s going to continue for the rest of this week. This excerpt is literally the last five lines I wrote, so hopefully I’ll have more for you by next week!

That’s  all from me now. I will head off and catch you on your own WIPpets soon enough!






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13 thoughts on “#WIPpet Wednesday – July 12, 2017

    1. Thanks, I enjoy writing them together. (Un?)Luckily for Max, the time is fast approaching when he doesn’t have to stall anymore because everything’s about to come out in the open.

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  1. Now, if there’s magic that can be used for gift wrapping, I’d totally be up for practising for as long as it took! Poor Clara. It’s so awkward when someone’s saying ‘of course you can do this, it’s easy!’ when it doesn’t feel that way at all.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh my goodness, me too! And yeah, she’s definitely tiring of being told all the weirdness is perfectly normal for her.


  2. Hi!
    I love this snippet! Seems like Max has been evading Clara’s questions…
    I wonder what is Clara’s task that she will finish? And I am curious about which of Max’s thoughts she will hear in the crowd? I am curious in general about what happens afterwards in this scene!


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    1. He is, with good reason, too (explained later on…). Fortunately, he doesn’t have to stall much longer because the time is coming for everything to come out in the open.

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