Monday Musings #01 – What now?


Welcome to Monday Musings, where I ponder some aspect of writing that has popped into my head over the last week or so.

The first week of June has been pretty busy for me; I’ve been performing in a musical and trying to get my last paper for the semester written. Whenever I’ve had a few spare minutes, I’ve spent them in bed! But after today, I am going to have no demands on my time other than work for a few weeks, and I’m really looking forward to it!

Now that the Story a Day in May challenge is over, my planned routine for this blog is to post twice a week: WIPpet Wednesday mid-week and this series, Sunday Sessions, on the weekend. My vision is that this Sunday post will reflect on some aspect of writing. I’m so pleased with my progress during the Story A Day challenge, not just because I wrote every day but because of what I learned and proved to myself.

I woke up on the morning of Thursday June 1 feeling bereft. The Story a Day Challenge was finished and I suddenly realised I had no idea how I wanted to approach my writing in June. I hadn’t realised the momentum I built up, writing every day like that.

I had some options, but I eventually decided I was ready to revisit the first draft of Memories and Magic. This has been sitting in a drawer since the middle of April, and I have been looking forward to going through it. My rough aim is to read through one chapter a day, though when I reach Part 2, this will be much harder. I am not editing that part, but completely rewriting. Even though the story is a fantasy, that section was completely set in our world. I decided that it would work better for it to be set in another country within the fantasy world, and so I will need to re-work all of that.

In just the first chapter, which I went through on Friday, I made 47 edits. I’m sure there are more that could be made, but those are the necessary changes that stood out to me. I did this when I should have been writing my final paper for the semester. I also started developing a bit of a story bible of sorts. I know that other writers swear by them, but I’ve never used one before. I am finding having a document with sections for general notes, notes on world-building and even a style guide (when do I capitalise Princess and when do I not?) is really helpful, and I think will continue to be more so.

It’s always fun returning to the beginning of a story and remembering exactly how your characters were back then. I’ve actually found that Clara is a lot more passive in these opening chapters than she is later on in the book, and I’m not sure the progression is really logical in the story’s current form. That’s something I’ll have to work on. Along with many, many other things, I’m sure.

That’s about all I have time for today. I have one more performance of South Pacific to go this afternoon, then I’ll be back to regular routines. I hope to see you back here on Wednesday.


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