#FictMAYhem #StoryADay May 25 2017

Welcome! This month I’m writing a small story each day to try to brainstorm a future full-length novel, a sequel to my current WIP Memories and Magic, which is tentatively titled Rebels and Rebellions.

Today’s prompt is: Mistake.

Rikard splashed water on his face and then frowned at his reflection as the water settled.

Putting a magician in danger shouldn’t have bothered him. Under normal circumstances, he would be the source of the danger without a second thought for the magician’s well-being. And yet, he couldn’t shake the feeling that blackmailing Queen Clara into confronting the rebel magicians was a bad idea. True, they had no way of knowing that Clara was currently powerless, and she had the Algiarian Mages with her. If her reputation preceded her, perhaps this would result in a fruitful mission.

He scoffed. Did he really think it would take the rebels long to figure out she was no threat?

She was guilty of crimes against his nation, yes, and the punishments for those were severe. But sending someone unprepared into enemy territory…

He gnawed at the inside of his cheek.

Maybe this had been a mistake.


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