#FictMAYhem #StoryADay May 04, 2017

Welcome! This month I’m writing a small story each day to try to brainstorm a future full-length novel, a sequel to my current WIP Memories and Magic.

Today’s prompt is: Monster.

Rikard had heard the stories from his grandmother. There had been a time when the magic schools would pull people off the streets and then keep them prisoners, letting their students practice their obscene powers on them. Magic had held the reigns over the whole country, until one day the people had finally had enough. One day, they resisted. They stormed the magic schools and released their friends and loved ones, and the magicians were made to stand trial.

After that, the laws governing the use of magic in Racharan were enacted, and they were quickly and strictly enforced. The magicians fled, but even in other nations, they weren’t free to practice their magic however they liked. Magic manifested differently from nation to nation, and they had to abide by whatever laws they ran into. Things were never the same again.

Back in Racharan, the Magic Guard was established. Its members learned to recognise secret symbols that magicians used to communicate; they learned enough that they could infiltrate the ranks of the small rebel groups that remained. They never remained for long, but the Magic Guard continued to patrol the cities, ensuring they never made their mark again.

Hearing these stories as a young boy, Rikard never questioned that becoming a member of the Magic Guard was what he was destined for. It wasn’t easy, but he did the training and passed the exams, and by his mid-twenties, he was initiated into their ranks.

Some were surprised by the vigour with which he sought out the rogue magicians. There were always a few who thought they could sneak back across the border. Rikard barely saw them as people. They were monsters. They may not have personally done the things that their predecessors had, but they might as well have. The fact that they had no respect for the current law meant they thought they were above it; that they thought they could return to that earlier time.

Rikard was having none of it.

I’m pretty excited by this story, which will actually help inform subsequent drafts of Memories and Magic as well. Can’t wait to see how that starts unfolding!


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